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You have something to share…

Chances are good that, with something to share, you have thought about offering an online class – or webinar – or a downloadable “evergreen” training product.

And then you thought about what it takes to make it happen, and it gave you pause…

Which way should you go first?

 children-33251_640-free-vector-smallerWrite? Strategize? Design?

What, you wondered, should you know that you don’t know?

Don’t let that stop you!

You have options.

Strategize your product outline!

Copywrite or Edit your copy!

Format and Design your product!

Code and Upload your product in WordPress!


Choose an option from the “menu” of services…

Or choose them all with me as your Tech Creative Project Manager.

Get help your way…

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Lori joined my massive online project three months before the launch, and it was quickly clear that she was going to bring a lot of value to the project and a lot of relief to me!
Like most people, I had no idea that putting my first course together, and launching it, would be so involved and complex. The complexity didn’t bother Lori at all – she is tremendously creative, multi-faceted, capable and fast.  She offered enhancing suggestions that I adopted. She has an eye for how material needs to be written and formatted to lead students from step to step with maximum clarity.
On a personal level, working with Lori is a joy. She is a warm and supportive person with professional standards. She cares about bringing quality to my business and I know that she brings this commitment and caring to all of her clients.
With her ability to integrate information, and to bring vision and focus to her work, any entrepreneur or small business owner would benefit from working with her. Lori is a proactive project manager, a creative thinker, a powerful writer/editor, a technological expert and an intuitive woman whose writing, designing, support and responsiveness would be a boon to anyone who needs the support of someone who can handle an online course process.
She has integrated herself into my team and has handled, without hesitation, other types of technological needs that I have thrown at her. 
I can’t recommend her highly enough.
~ Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Global Story Coach and CEO, The Global School of Story

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