I am 48 years old when I realize I’m too far from “home”. The professional places in which I shine are not the places I have hung my professional hat!

I have been great at writing, computers, communication and creative strategization for decades, but I’m working administrative jobs instead. I’ve been looking  for the magic marketable combination of the best of my skills – the skills that will make me the most valuable – the skills that make my heart beat: creativity, communication and technology.

Yes, I’ve written papers, edited theses, taught others how to use computer programs. Yes, I’ve created graphics and gorgeous RFP’s, but I’m still working in Administrative Assistant jobs, making use of every opportunity to add to the skills I am in love with.

At 50, I realize that I need to start a business and that I need to figure out how to combine my favorite skills!

So I start exploring! I go to my comfortable place: the internet. I go to social media. And I find multitudes of webinars, classes, courses!

I quickly learn two things that are mind-bending for a marketing-minded techie-creative like me: (1) there is now literally an entire world of people to market to, for little to no money, on up to lots of money; and (2) there are online courses, blogs, podcasts, video series, etc., etc., etc., and those are filled with all of the creativity, technology and communication I could ever want.

So, I take my drive, my curiosity, my smarts and my “I can do this” certainty, and I hit the ground running.

  • I teach myself how to build websites. I learn WordPress.
  • I start a podcast called TruVoice, True Message.
  • I write and self-publish a book, Mother Love: Embracing the Wound, Tempering the Steel.
  • I draw and put together a coloring book (so ahead of my time!) called Self-Empowerment Art Journal for Breakout Wild Women.
  • I learn how to set up, design and host webinars.
  • I study story branding, and I create – and coach solopreneuers in – Essential Message Marketing™.
  • I create videos and write scripts for others’ videos.
  • I listen to endless free webinars, and I attend business workshops like they’re going out of style.
  • I start using my years of acting and performance to coach individuals and groups in self-expression.
  • I learn how to use newsletter programs – MailChimp, Constant Contact, aWeber – and I learn how to work with opt-ins on websites to “capture” emails and build client lists. I even teach myself how to use PayPal for collecting event/workshop money through websites.

Now I know how to set up everything about online programs, and I even create my own free webinars and paid trainings.

But there’s a snag. I can’t believe I am “allowed” to do exactly what I am good at!

So I edge up on it. I work with social media, project coordinating and fundraising (the communication part). I am working with universities and attorneys, solopreneurs and performers and small businesses.

Then I get my big break: I meet someone who needs help with editing and posting her blogs. No problem! That doesn’t sound like a big break, but then it gets better: now she needs help with copywriting and editing for her 10-Module Program, and suddenly I’m on target! I’m editing, I’m formatting, I’m coding, I’m working with WordPress! Woo hoo! TECHNOLOGY!

And then I get a repeat client who wants me to do what I did last year: create personal connections with prospective and repeat sponsors for a large annual legal conference at Arizona State University! COMMUNICATION!

And then I receive training in story branding that builds on my years and years of theatre and film experience, as well as my years of Essential Message Marketing™ for entrepreneurs, and I am walking in CREATIVITY!

So I have found my way home: to technology, creativity, communication. Oh. my. God! Yeah, baby!

Now, people are calling me to talk about branding, to set up their online systems, to copywrite/edit blogs and articles, to teach them how to build websites, to launch magnificent online programs, to story brand their businesses…

…and together, my clients and I make business leaps happen that are bigger than the sum of our parts.

There’s no place like home. Come on in! I have cup of tea for you…

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