You have the knowledge, the drive to educate, create and share, and you’re proud of what you have to offer.

Thing is, you want your online product to really cook! You have all of the information written, and that feels great!

But now you need to think about:

  • Editing

  • Formatting

  • Design, Look and Feel of Your Product

  • Order of Modules

  • To “Drip” Lessons or Not to “Drip”

  • Design of WordPress

  • Uploading to WordPress

  • Proofing/Double-Checking Your WordPress Product

It’s not unreasonable to feel that some input, assistance, or training would go a long way to reaching your goal!

Explore your options - let's talk!

“As You Need It”

  • Copywriting and Editing

  • Creating/Designing pdf’s

  • Formatting and Uploading Your Course to WordPress

  • Strategizing Your Course

“The Strategizer” – Coaching Appetizer

Prepping For Program Creation & Program Execution

Managing Expectations, and Planning the Project

Brand Story Coaching – Setting the Marketing Tone of Your Project


“The Wordsmith” – The Design Entrée

Editing and Copywriting

Creating/Designing pdf’s


“The WordPresser” – The Computer Geek Dessert 

Uploading Your Program to WordPress

Ordering the Modules/Lessons

Checking Formatting Across Modules/Lessons

“From Start to Finish”

  • Strategizing Your Course for Maximum Teachability

  • Planning and Ordering the Modules

  • Editing and Copywriting the Modules

  • Reordering Materials for Consistency

  • Creating/Designing pdf’s (Homework, Worksheets)

  • Formatting and Uploading Your Course to WordPress

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