Share your core story, and your clientele/tribe will find you with greater ease.


There is no shame in knowing that story moves clients to work with you. The shame would be if you didn’t share your story. In video, in blogs, on your website, in your talks – in everything you do in and around your business!

Storytelling personalizes your business and moves your clients closer.

Because emotion moves us to action. Always.

You, as a business owner who wants to make a difference, who wants not just to create financial abundance but to bring the abundance of your self and your service to a world that needs support, care and betterment, you want to share Who You Are.

The Biggest Business Skill…

“As ubiquitous publishing and sharing tools transform our digital lives, storytelling is becoming uniquely essential. It’s no longer a luxury afforded to the wealthy ruling class or the companies who happen to own printing presses and delivery trucks. And as we spend increasing amounts of time consuming content by the streamful, storytelling is a skill that every business — and individual — will need to master.”

~Shane Snow

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I am a SAG-AFTRA actor, professional singer and speaker. I am also a Story Coach. I understand marketing and I understand story arc – that beginning, middle and end of a story that pulls the listener with you, and inspires the listener to action.

I help business owners identify their business’s essential story, and translate it into media, self-expression, and business focus.

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