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Once upon a time – as all good stories begin – I worked in an office and dreamed of making a living as a Creative. 

After all, my parents had done it! They were professional classical musicians; they performed worldwide, and taught at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music. There were other difficulties in life, but they were definitely making livings as Creatives.

Me, I wanted to be an actor. And it’s a rarity to find a job flexible enough – outside of L.A. – that will let you go to auditions and jobs instead of working. I lived in Cincinnati, which was very much more conservative then than it is now, and I worked in corporate offices. Flexibility for acting wasn’t really “the thing”.

Here’s what “the thing” really was, and I couldn’t see it: Creativity is something you are, just as much as it is what you do. Even during the decades that I worked in offices, I was putting most of my focus and energy into the creativity of learning new technology and what amazing things could be done with it; and the creating of documents and graphics that were beautiful, clean, well written; and connecting authentically with other human beings to assist in understanding technology and in feeling really heard. I just wasn’t interested in where I was “going” on any corporate ladders.

Turns out, I was ahead of my time. These days, marketing is all about story – brand story – because we are hungry for what we have lost: connection and meaning. And now we have the technology to reach out and create authentic relationships, both personal and business, across the planet. Creatively!

It is inevitable (hindsight is 20/20) that technology and creativity live in the same place. Technology is such an incredible tool for outreach, communication, connection. Creativity is all about living and seeing outside the box – reaching into places that are both seen and unseen to bring something out of nothing. In this way, technology and creativity are exactly the same, and are partners for life.

No wonder so many have realized that the communication of their message, their insight, their information, their vision, can be packaged, designed, and offered to the entire world through the technology of webinars and websites.

As for me, I am passionate about helping people develop, refine, and use their voice to share their message in the best possible way. And I get to play in creatively technological and technologically creative sandboxes with my clients.

Finally, I can claim what my parents had musically: a working life dedicated to creative self-expression of self and others using that megaphone to the world: technology.